About Andrea Noghiu

My name is Andrea Noghiu.

After a 14-year career as a trainer & coach in the corporate world, I got stuck. I no longer had control over myself and my life. I suffered from anxiety and panic attacks and had no idea how to get out of it.

I ended up going to India for a course. Isolated from the world, I learned about movement through yoga and stillness through meditation. I studied Ayurveda and a different way of breathing. All this provided a new start. I wanted to understand why all this changed me. That was the motivation to investigate why yoga helped me and what I can convey from those lessons to others.

Hundreds of hours of study, personal experiences and thousands of hours of teaching have contributed to my own recovery. I now also share my knowledge in a rehabilitation center, where we work with a multidisciplinary team on the recovery of people from long-covid, stress complaints, burnout and chronic pain. The solution lies in changing patterns. You don’t do this by flipping one switch, but several ones (movement, breathing and meditation) at the same time. This is how change occurs and you come back to life.


• Hatha Teacher Training (200 hours) – Arhanta in India – 2015

• MIndfulness MBSR Trainer Training – Center for Mindfulness – 2016

• Yoga Therapy Teacher Training on teachings of Krishnamacharya (800 hours) – Svastha Yoga 2016 / 2018

• Trauma Sensitive Yoga – Trauma Sensitive Yoga – 2019

• Yoga Therapy Foundations (300 hours) – Svastha Yoga in India – 2020

• Breathing training for healthcare professionals – Adempro – 2022