Join a Yoga and Hiking Retreat in Romania

Do you need rest? Do you want some time away from the stresses of modern life, while connecting to nature, yourself and others? My Yoga and Hiking Retreat in Romania might be just for you. Read on if you want to learn more!

Why join a Yoga and Hiking Retreat?

Over the years, I’ve learned that spending time in the mountains of Romania brings me joy like nothing else. This is where I recover from the crazy demands modern life imposes on me; where I rest and digest; where I reconnect with myself and my surroundings. Over the past decade or so, I’ve been through a lot: not being in the right place led to burnout and depression as well as physical health issues. I also discovered that I’m a highly sensitive person and an introvert. Learning to adjust and listen to my needs, and find my role in this world, is an ongoing journey.

Listening to others, I’ve realized that I’m far from alone: so many of us crave peace & quiet, connection, acceptance, freedom to be our true selves. And even if you’re perfectly healthy, there’s so much static in our everyday lives that we could do without, right? That’s why I decided to start creating Yoga and Hiking retreats in the hills, mountains and countryside of Romania.

My intention is to regularly organize yoga & hiking retreats, both weeklong ones and weekends. The first upcoming retreat is a Yoga & Hiking Retreat at Dolina Village, from 10-16 June 2024.

Yoga & Hiking Retreat at Dolina Village, 10-16 June 2024

From 10-16 June 2024, I’ll be organizing my next Yoga & Hiking Retreat at Dolina Village in the Padurea Craiului region. Join me and yoga therapist Andrea Noghiu for a week of pure goodness. Immerse yourself in the beauty of the foothills of the Apuseni Mountains, nourish your soul and challenge your body. This will be a week during which you can truly connect with yourself and your surroundings: eat local food, experience local customs, sleep in a traditional Romanian house or a glamping tent, take in the views… Join us for a retreat that will replenish and restore! Check out the programme here.


For this retreat I’ve joined forces with Amsterdam-based and Romanian-born yoga therapist and yoga teacher Andrea Noghiu. She will guide us through a nourishing yoga session every morning. The basis is hatha yoga; the focus is selfcare. Through yoga, we will learn to reconnect with our bodies and our surroundings, so that we can experience peace in both body and mind. The yoga sessions will also prepare us for our hikes. Read more about Andrea here.


Of course we will explore our wider surroundings too! I’ll guide you on four hikes in the Padurea Craiului region. The length will vary from 8 to 15 km, with moderate altitude gain (no more than 800 m). Although the hikes are beginner-friendly, some experience with hiking is required, or at the very least a willingness to build up your fitness level leading up to the retreat. 

What’s included?

✨ Six nights at Dolina Village, either in a traditional house or a glamping tent
✨ Daily yoga sessions, guided by the talented and soulful Andrea Noghiu
✨ Four guided day hikes in the beautiful Padurea Craiului region
✨ Local food: breakfast, packed lunch and dinner, cooked by Luc & Andreea, our hosts
✨ Transfers from & to Suncuius railway station to Dolina Village + to trailheads
✨ An online meetup in spring to help you prepare and get the good vibes going


Prices are based on double occupancy, meaning that you will share your house or glamping tent with one other person. Single occupancy is possible at a surcharge of 200 EUR. If you are willing to share with a third person, I can offer you a reduction of 50 EUR.

✨ Double room (traditional house or glamping tent): 1100 EUR per person
✨ Single room (traditional house or glamping tent): 1300 EUR per person
✨ Triple room (glamping tent only): 1050 EUR per person

Please note that all offers are based on availability, and reservations are on a first come, first serve basis. Want to have a look around first? Take a 360 tour of a glamping tent and a traditional house here!


To register, please fill out the contact form. I’ll then send you a registration form and a payment request. Payment is in two installments. If you cannot afford to spend that much money at once, I can offer you payment in four installments. Registration deadline is 31 March 2024, but please be aware spots are limited.

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The longest journey is the journey inwards.

Dag Hammarskjold

Sneak peek of Dolina Village and its surroundings