Book a self-guided hiking tour in Romania

Do you want to go hiking in Romania but don’t know how to get started? Or do you simply not have the time to put a trip together? Let me help you! I can create a fully custom-made self-guided hiking tour in Romania for you. It can be in the Bucegi, the Piatra Craiului, the Fagaras, the Retezat, the Apuseni… These are just some of the options! You decide where and when you want to go, how hard you want it to be, and where you want to sleep. Just fill out this form and I’ll get you started!

How does it work?

You tell me where you want to go, how long you want your hike to be, what level of experience you have and where you want to sleep (in your own tent or in huts and guesthouses). All you need to do is fill out this form. On the basis of your input, I will create your perfect self-guided tour, in close consultation with you. Off you go!

What will you get?

A self-guided tour package contains: 
🌄 gpx files for every stage of the route
🌄 a pdf file with info about every stage (directions, distance, ascent/descent, waymarking, water sources and supply points
🌄 info on (public) transport to the start and finish point of your hike from your Romanian city of choice
🌄 info about accommodation en route (huts, camping spots, guesthouses) – I will also make reservations at huts for you if necessary
🌄 WhatsApp support during your trip 
🌄 and of course pictures taken on your route of choice, by yours truly

What does it cost?

A custom-made self-guided tour package costs €65 per planned day, regardless of group size. After confirmation and payment you will receive the package digitally; it will consist of a pdf file and gpx files. You can get it either in English or in Dutch. Please allow at least three weeks for processing – again, your package will be custom made. Do request your package at least one month before your travels. If you want me to book accommodation for you other than huts, I will charge €50 per hour for the booking procedure. In the hopefully near future I will also offer ready-made self-guided tours here.

self-guided tour in Romania