Join a Permaculture & Hiking Weekend

Spring and summer means more hiking, but for many people it’s also the start of the gardening season. I love both, and now I’m going to combine the two: you are invited to a Permaculture & Hiking weekend in Romania this summer! I still have to pick the dates for 2024, but you can let me know here if you’re interested! I’ll be back with dates ASAP.

Permaculture & Hiking Weekend 🌱
I’ve teamed up with Andreas & Ioana from După Gard, who run an amazing ecotourism & permaculture project in the Arieș Valley, about two hours south of Cluj.

Here’s the idea. We’ll meet up on Friday night, go hiking in the beautiful Scărița Belioara nature reserve on Saturday, and get our hands dirty on Sunday. We’ll learn practical tips & tricks about sustainable gardening and you can ask all your questions. This is also for city people with tiny gardens or balconies!

Of course we’ll eat veggies from the garden and cook our own meals. Perhaps we’ll do some more hiking – then we go home on Monday. Or you stick around for more hiking. We’ll keep it low key and low cost (see below for more info). How does that sound?! 

What’s included? 

🌱 Three nights in accommodation of your choice
🌱 Hot lunch based on locally-sourced ingredients
🌱 Basic breakfast
🌱 Permaculture day at După Gard
🌱 Guided hike to Scărița Belioara (13 km, + 800 m – 800 m)
Not included: dinner & drinks (we’ll bring our own ingredients and cook our own meal), snacks for during the hike, transport to & from Poșaga de Jos
You can also order an extra lavish breakfast with local produce for 10 EUR pp per day; paid on location. Can be booked individually for a single day or several days. It will contain seasonal vegetables plus local foods, most from the village: cheese, jams, butter, zacuscă, bread, ready served delicious omletă from free range chicken and apple juice from our food forest.

If you want I can also organize a self-guided hike for you after the retreat. The surroundings of După Gard are just beautiful! I will also help you out with transport instructions for getting to Poșaga de Jos, where După Gard is located.