So, who’s the Roamaniac?

Hi, I’m Janneke. I am a self-declared Roamaniac: I am utterly and completely in love with Romania, and I suffer from what the dictionary describes as ‘a strong desire for freedom’ (aptly called eleutheromania). Over the next couple of years, I will be hiking and trekking through Romania. I will focus on the various mountain ranges but will need to rest in between, so will also report on the joys of the Romanian countryside and its beautiful medieval towns.

Why Romania? 

I fell in love Romania when I first visited it in 2004, and have been returning ever since. When I am not there, I experience Fernweh. Romania makes me come alive. Romania is the perfect place to roam wild and free, as you will hopefully discover soon for yourself. Romania has so much to offer: the Transylvanian countryside which takes you 100 years back in time; where people still scythe the grass and build haystacks; medieval towns that tell tales of Saxons and Hungarians, Romans and Dacians; the dense forests that give Transylvania its name; and above all, the rugged Carpathians with many peaks over 8000 foot, that are home to bears, wolves, lynx, chamois, marmots and eagles. All this makes Romania well worth exploring; perhaps more so than any other country in Europe. Read more about Romania here.

What to expect?

This isn’t just a travel blog. Yes, you will find travel reports here (mostly about hikes in the wonderful Romanian mountains). But I am not just travelling – I am trying to find the best way to live. I believe life is for living and not for just working my socks off until I die. At the same time, I realize that most of us need a source of income to survive, and that we all want to make a contribution to life one way or another. I believe those aspects of life can be reconciled and that we don’t need to turn ourselves into little machines in the service of the god that is called Economic Growth. I think presence is much more important than productivity.

So I will write about those things too. Which means that you will also occasionally find philosophical musings, reading reports and interviews with locals – as well as practical advice on travelling in Romania, of course.

I hope you will enjoy following me on my quest for freedom, wisdom and beauty in Romania.

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