Sounds of Romania: the station

I love Romania. I love trains. I love Romanian trains. Hence, I don’t mind arriving at the station early to just watch the train come in and hear the tune that precedes all announcements played over and over again. Here is some footage to give you an idea of the atmosphere at a Romanian station – Gara Braşov, in this case. Hopefully you will feel as thrilled as I do – although I am probably a bit of a train maniac. Enjoy!


And one more… Just because I am always awestruck when one of these mighty beasts rolls into the station. Maybe I should consider a career change… Until then, I will continue to happily hop on and off Romanian trains. They make me feel like a princess – and I will forgive the CFR (national rail) for the occasional (lenghty) delay. Because why wouldn’t I want to spend even more time on one of their trains?

Want to book a train? For journeys in Romania, go to For international travel, I’ll refer you to the Deutsche Bahn. But do check out the international offers on the CFR website. Drum bun!

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